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    The first film in a series, to accompany a host of new compositions. All instruments played by Spera, except- Tamalyn Miller, voice. Shot at Lisa Zador's clock museum, at "the Humble Parsnip" , Morton Street, in Downtown Manhattan. Music and Film © 2012 stephenspera nyc.

    From a recent flurry of musical activity at Fort Spera....All instruments played by Speraexcept: Voice, Tamalyn Miller, who also plays in NYC's 'goddess' . Cello: Arthur Mervyn. Music and Film, © Stephen Spera Nyc 2012.

     From a recent compositional outbreak at chez spera. Music and Film by Spera. © 2012 stephen spera nyc

    Film to a recent Spera piece, with Vocal by Tamalyn Miller, featuring Danielle Brewer as Hesperia. Atrhur Mervyn was around most of the time, and he may have played the cello on this........ All music and film © 2012 Stephen Spera nyc.

    A film for one of my recent musical pieces. Spera plays all Guitars, keyboards, blackdeathmetalfeedback, and percussion. Music and Film © 2012 stephen spera, nyc. Play it loud.