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    R E C E N T R E T O U C H E S

    I shoot a lot, but never feel it is enough....these are recent shoots with retouches- for UZI NYC clothing, and for a Brazilian Fashion spot on tv / web....


    S P R I N G T I M E C O L L A T E R A L

    Here is a complete bespoke set of Wedding "save the dates" - Made to resemble old oceanliner tags, the cord was hand stained. The tag goes inside a translucent steel blue envelope, which fits inside the 'mailing envelope'...I had to 'test-send' a set to the client to be sure the postoffice didn't strip out the cord, as can sometimes happen. It was a great success !


    Its Chinese New Year again! Year 4712 . . .

    Well, once again, I get to run out my door and grab snapshots, to turn into a Chinatown of my imagination....


    C O L L A T E R A L

    I've been doing collateral for some clients for so long, it's not occurred to me to post them...they just go on and on....This is a fraction of the collateral for the Whittemore House Salon in NYC.  I've done their branding, logo, website, postcards, posters, bags, photography, content management, ads, banners, point-of-sales, giftcards, and so much more I can't recall it all !


    L O G O S G E T T H E I R O W N P A G E

    Finally, I've put some of the recent logos and branding stuff on their own page....of course this means redoing the Art Direction pages and whatever else .... ahh well....


    I V E B E E N B U S Y A N D M Y I L L U S T R A T I O N H A S B E E N M A D A T M E . . 

    Being on many and varied projects, quite a few which I never get to post, I feel the illustrations have been being neglected...I'm working on new ones, new views,....from another perspective, let's say.....


    It seems that Photography will never let me go. . .

    I have always found that photography was a way to see what is more in my mind's eye than, say, drawing or painting....I do all of these, but with a camera in my hand, the 'finished product' is already there, and my task is to capture - and process -that moment.